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"I quit smoking
without gaining
an ounce."


"Not only did I
quit smoking,
but I also lost the
30 lbs I wanted
to lose with
Doug Maiko's
Hypnosis Seminar."

Douglas Maiko Hypnosis Center - Weight Loss - Stop Smoking


quit smoking


Len Goldman
New York
"After smoking for 58 years I quit at age 76 through the Douglas Maiko hypnosis program. I doubted I could quit or be hypnotized, and after smoking all those years I finally quit for good. I have remained smoke free now for 3 years and feel great."

Nok Pimm
"I lost 20 lbs of fat after attending one seminar while on vacation in America. God bless you, Douglas Maiko."


hypnosis for weight loss
easy weight loss

Henry Nettle
Foxboro, Massachusetts
"Here I am in front of my favorite place in the house. After being hypnotized by Douglas Maiko, I lost 30 lbs. It's like there is a 'Caution - Do Not Enter' sign on my fridge door. I stopped all snacking."

rapid weight loss
quick weight loss

Angie Mackey
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Not only did I quit smoking, but I also lost the 30 lbs I wanted to lose with Doug Maiko's Hypnosis Seminar."

fast weight loss
easy weight loss

Becky Larson
"I lost 70lbs. with Douglas Maiko, MED Hypnosis Program. The pounds melted off me."

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weight loss seminars

Denita Jones
"It's a miracle. I've lost an amazing amount of weight due to Douglas Maiko, M.Ed."

weight loss hypnosis
hypnosis for smoking

Pete Gally
Los Angelos, California
"Quitting smoking with Douglas Maiko was tremendous. I had my doubts about being hypnotized, but I've been smoke free for 6 years."

Diane Dixon
Woonsocket, RI
"The Maiko Method worked like a charm."

Todd Dakake, Pedorthist
Labrie Shoe Store, Cumberland, RI
"I gave up smoking cigars with the Maiko Method.
It was easy and I feel great as a result."

Richard Slater
Sales Manager, West Warwick, RI
"I smoked for 40 years and quit at age 56 with Douglas Maiko's seminars.
If I can quit, anybody can."

Steve Babiec
School Teacher, Pawtucket, RI
"I quit smoking without gaining an ounce.
I've been a non-smoker for over 5 years thanks to Douglas Maiko."


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